Convertible Lapels at Umit Benan

Convertible Lapels at Umit Benan

Umit Benan, Menswear, SS12, Milan.

There was a certain nonchalance about the Spring-Summer 2012 collection from Umit Benan that gave the Cerruti-inspired suiting a relaxed and very wearable feel. The jacket shapes and pleated trousers were classic and retro in cut, and hung with the sort of oversized silhouette, that leaves the body room to move without appearing overly boxy or unflattering.

One of the most clever details used in the collection was a convertible lapel that showcased the cross-generational appeal of the garments. By altering the position of the lapel using buttons and buttonholes inside the jacket, the lapel width could be narrowed or widened. It is nice to see options such as this used in a way that is novelty free and practical. And also without any compromises made on the jacket construction, as it appears that the only tell-tale sign of the existence of the convertible lapel that is visible outside the garment, is a slightly different line at the jacket break point, where you can see the lapel fastened to the interior of the jacket. Other than this small giveaway the “family” jacket has found a way round the constraint of having a single lapel shape.

This lapel can also be seen more clearly in this video from Style.comĀ»

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