Givenchy Couture Unusual Zipper Placements

Givenchy Couture Unusual Zipper Placements


Givenchy, SS11.

On a first look through Givenchy’s recent couture collection the most striking elements are the details in the appliqué and the controlled use of vibrant colour and it is only on closer inspection that you can notice the zips used in the collection. Or especially the unusual placement of the zips as a subtle decorative feature. In the collection they appeared horizontally around the models waists and seemed to also appear along armhole edges like a fine couture trim.


Givenchy, Couture, SS11.

It appears that the majority of the zips used in the collection are double ended zips which are the same type that you find on sportsbags. Double ended zips have a zip pull at both ends to allow the user access from both sides. (Image below, the zip on the left)

Or it is also possible that they may have used open ended zips, similar to those used on sports jackets, which allows both sides of the garment to separate from one another completely. This is a more likely choice if the zips were indeed used as openings in the garments and were not just purely decorative. (Image below, the zip on the right)


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