Recycled Yarns 3D Weaving Moa Hallgren
17 Jul 2015
Recycled Yarns & 3D Weaving by Moa Hallgren

Weaving from the Texture collection by Moa Hallgren, 2015.As part of an interesting cultural exchange between Berlin and Bangladesh, Moa Hallgren has created a range of textiles that are woven from by-products of the textile industry. Aside from taking a closer look at the handwoven textiles created for the Texture...

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Balancing Frames and Canvas at Viktor & Rolf | The Cutting Class. Viktor & Rolf, Couture, AW15, Paris.
09 Jul 2015
Balancing Frames and Canvas at Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf, Couture, AW15, Paris.In a show that saw artworks exploding off the wall to form couture gowns, Viktor and Rolf created garments that exaggerated the balancing acts that lie at the heart of all clothing. On everyday clothing, common pattern shapes are regurgitated so that designers don’t have...

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Multicoloured Details from Ports 1961 | The Cutting Class. Ports 1961, RST16, New York.
02 Jul 2015
Multicoloured Details from Ports 1961

Ports 1961, RST16, New York.The Spring-Summer 2016 pre-collection from Ports 1961 was filled with pops of vivid colour set against a neutral canvas of whites and creams. Different trims and embellishments were used across the garments to foreground parts of the garments and to give the garments texture.

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Embossed Textiles by Tiffany Loy | The Cutting Class.
24 Jun 2015
Embossed Textiles by Tiffany Loy

Textiles and “The Emboss Machine” created by Tiffany Loy 2012-2015. One of the areas where industrial design and fashion design often crossover with amazing consequences is in textile design; a medium where sculptural and textural experiments can sometimes take place more creatively in the time before the textiles are assigned...

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Nonchalant Construction Details at Céline | The Cutting Class. Céline, AW15, Paris.
17 Jun 2015
Nonchalant Construction Details at Céline

Céline, AW15, Paris.Bet you never think of topstitching as nonchalant, right? What about pattern making, can you cut a dart like you just don’t care? This is the bizarre skill that is needed to be a fashion designer; can you convey a certain mood for a collection not just through...

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Soft Structure at Balenciaga | The Cutting Class. Balenciaga, RST16.
13 Jun 2015
Soft Structure at Balenciaga

Balenciaga, RST16. The Spring-Summer 2016 pre-collection at Balenciaga was filled with stripes, splits, sheer panels and details that created soft structure. At times, waistline tucks blended into wavy peplum hems that appeared as though they may have been shaped with crinoline. This same soft, wavy structure was also used around...

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Smocking, Macramé and Modular Patterns at Noir Kei Ninomiya | The Cutting Class. noir kei ninomiya, AW15, Paris.
04 Jun 2015
Smocking, Macramé and Modular Patterns at Noir Kei Ninomiya

noir kei ninomiya, AW15, Paris.It comes as no surprise that someone who used to be a pattern cutter at Comme des Garçons would produce intricately designed garments, however, based on the collection shown for Autumn-Winter 2015, it is also clear that Kei Ninomiya has a particular flair for ingenious modular...

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Geometric Monochrome at Valentino |The Cutting Class. Valentino, AW15, Paris.
23 May 2015
Geometric Monochrome at Valentino

Valentino, AW15, Paris.Aside from the lacier side of the Valentino show for Autumn-Winter 2015, there was a range of garments presented with minimal monochrome details and intricate geometric fabrics edged with beads and gold stitching.

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Lace, Feathers and Muted Tones at Valentino. Valentino, AW15, Paris.
19 May 2015
Lace, Feathers and Muted Tones at Valentino

Valentino, AW15, Paris.The Valentino collection for Autumn-Winter 2015 appeared to almost be split into two very different aesthetics. On the one hand there was clean cut minimalism in black and white, on the other hand there was lace and feather patterns in muted colours and tinged with gold.

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Shattered Details and Deconstruction at Undercover | The Cutting Class. Undercover, AW15, Paris.
12 May 2015
Shattered Details and Deconstruction at Undercover

Undercover, AW15, Paris.The Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at Undercover was filled with sharp construction details and shattered design lines which were rounded out by rich colours, painted fabrics and voluminous drapes of velvet, satin and jersey. Soft and luxurious fabrics were often layered, deconstructed and then rejoined to create spliced details...

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Slits and Peeling Layers at Proenza Schouler | The Cutting Class. Proenza Schouler, AW15, New York.
05 May 2015
Slits and Peeling Layers at Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler, AW15, New York.The Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at Proenza Schouler featured experimentation with fabrics and trims to create layers of texture within the garments. Two main experiments with volume were also at play from a pattern cutting perspective; at times the fabric was spliced and slit open, while at...

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Constructing Roses at Alexander McQueen | The Cutting Class. Alexander McQueen, AW15, Paris.
28 Apr 2015
Constructing Roses at Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, AW15, Paris.The rose is a motif that often features in fashion design, but it was specifically the degradation of the rose that was used in the Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at Alexander McQueen. The idea of petals becoming slowly more bruised and ragged was played out in the fabrics...

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