Smudged Up Make-Up

Smudged Up Make-Up

Vivienne Westwood Red Label, AW11 and Bas Kosters, AW11.

The smudged up make-up used in the Autumn-Winter 2011 collections by Vivienne Westwood and Bas Kosters had a painterly, impressionistic quality that used vibrant smudges of colours to contort the models features.

It was almost as though someone had attacked the models faces with a box of oil pastels, or as though a pack of kids had gotten into mum’s make up, with naive blocks of colour for blue on eyes, red on lips and big black stripes for eye brows. It was all very reminiscent of those amazing Cindy Sherman self-portrait photographs that show a similar use of texture, though Sherman tends to use a more subversive colour palette.

Cindy Sherman photographs via Dan Ponting’s Blog» 

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