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05 Jun 2014
Fabrics and Hardware at Balenciaga

Balenciaga, AW14, Paris. The Autumn-Winter 2014 collection at Balenciaga was filled with innovative textile details punctuated with unusual uses of...

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28 May 2014
Glossary: Herringbone

Balenciaga, AW14, Paris. Example of fabric with a herringbone weave pattern from the Autumn-Winter 2014 collection at Balenciaga. Herringbone appears...

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The Fullness and Shaping of Sleeves: Part 3
02 May 2014
The Fullness and Shaping of Sleeves: Part 3

Alexander Wang, AW13, New York. This post forms the third part of a series about The Fullness and Shaping of...

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11 Feb 2014
Thermal Colour Change Fabrics at Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang, AW14, New York. For some designers the true cycle of innovation each season seems to be firmly rooted...

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16 Sep 2013
Pleats at Antipodium, Victoria Beckham & Alexander Wang

Antipodium, SS14, London. Pleats have been used in a variety of ways at the Spring-Summer 2014 catwalk shows, with designers...

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12 Jul 2013
Blended Felting Techniques

Alexander Wang, AW11, New York. Felting is a fabric technique that can produce a variety of different effects depending on...

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12 Jun 2013
Simple Geometry at Balenciaga

Balenciaga, AW13, Paris. The Autumn-Winter 2013 collection at Balenciaga used a simple palette of monochrome to explore careful draping and...

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28 May 2013
Drape Analysis of a Balenciaga Jacket

Balenciaga, AW13, Paris. Sometimes it is worthwhile focusing on some of the more subtle pieces of a collection and understanding...

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Fundamentals of Pattern Notches - The Cutting Class. Featured Image.
30 Aug 2012
Fundamentals of Pattern Making: Pattern Notches

Alexander Wang, RST13, New York. When a piece of fabric is first cut out, it has none of the markings...

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13 Feb 2012
Controlled Textures at Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang, AW12, New York. On first impression Alexanders Wang’s recent Autumn- Winter 2012 collection was all about textures -...

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