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Spotlight Details at Anrealage | The Cutting Class. Anrealage, AW15.
07 Aug 2015
Spotlight Details at Anrealage

Anrealage, AW15, Paris. The Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at Anrealage revolved around the way that a spot of light hits objects...

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26 May 2014
Glossary: Open Ended Zipper

Anrealage, AW12, Tokyo. Example of an open ended zipper from the Autumn-Winter 2012 collection by Anrealage. Open ended zips are...

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15 May 2014
Watching Details Move Through Time at Anrealage

Anrealage, AW12, Tokyo. In the same way that some of the Futurist artists used stuttering lines to indicate speed and...

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