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Zip Details from Prada AW1999 | The Cutting Class.
29 Oct 2019
Zip Details from Prada AW1999

Prada, AW1999. Sometimes you see an image pop up and even though it's from a collection that's 20 years old,...

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Tailored Jacket Hems - Straight or Curved? | The Cutting Class. Proenza Schouler, SS20. Double breasted jacket in grey.
24 Sep 2019
Tailored Jacket Hems – Straight or Curved?

Proenza Schouler, SS20, New York. It's one of those details that you just might not really think about until you...

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Spongy Synthetics at Prada | The Cutting Class. Prada, AW15, Milan.
24 Jul 2015
Spongy Synthetics at Prada

Prada, AW15, Milan. For the Autumn-Winter 2015 collection, Miuccia Prada played with cartoonish silhouettes in a spongy synthetic, which looked...

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Clashing Patterns and Collar Details at Miu Miu | The Cutting Class. Miu Miu, AW15, Paris.
27 Mar 2015
Clashing Patterns and Collar Details at Miu Miu

Miu Miu, AW15, Paris.With tweeds, stripes, animal skins and pseudo animal prints, the Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at Miu Miu was...

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Epaulettes at Miu Miu
04 Jun 2014
Glossary: Epaulettes

Miu Miu, AW14, Paris. The term “epaulettes” seems to traditionally refer to the decorations which would be fastened to the...

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30 May 2014
Glossary: Drawstring

Miu Miu, AW14, Paris. An example of an unusual use for drawstrings as seen on the tops of shoes from...

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29 May 2014
Glittery Sportswear Detailing at Miu Miu

Miu Miu, AW14, Paris. The Autumn-Winter 2014 collection at Miu Miu was a sugary collection filled with sportswear construction details,...

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27 May 2014
Glossary: Topstitching

Prada, AW14, Milan. Example of topstitching from the Autumn-Winter 2014 collection at Prada. In the example, topstitching has been used...

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14 Mar 2014
Contrast Binding and Organza Layering at Prada

Prada, AW14, Milan. Each season Miuccia’s Prada collection sits within a specific colour palette, within a certain range of fabrics,...

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06 Nov 2013
Bra Cups and Sequins the Prada Way

Prada, SS14, Milan. Miuccia Prada is one of the few designers who can make sequins read like a feminist statement...

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